Thermal Imaging Services

Thermal Imaging can enhance your Home Inspection or can be used as a stand alone service for inspection needs.

These images interpret the Infra Red Spectrum not visible to our eyes. They highlight the differences of surface temperatures. Thermal Imaging cannot see through finishes but does show the effect of what is behind walls, floors or ceilings. The following are examples of what thermal imaging can do for your inspections:

Moisture detection/possible source of mold :

Exterior Wall Leak Ceiling Moisture

Insulation defects:

Insulation Gaps

Electrical defects/abnormalities

Hot Breaker

Structural changes/defects

Framing and air leakage

Any source of heat of cold (example: in floor heating)

Source of heat or cold

Air leakage

Air Leakage
Attic hatch air leakage

For all contractors and new home builders:

Thermal Imaging is available to you to enhance or offer your clients added service: