The Home Inspection Procedure

The inspection itself can last between 2 ½ and 4 hours, depending on the size and type of house we are looking at.

We think it is important for you to be there to go through the inspection with us since a lot of information about the home is a lot easier to understand when seeing and hearing it as opposed to just reading the report after the fact. Questions can also be answered as we go along. Think of it as an orientation session about your home. It’s good to know about the features of the home, regular maintenance issues as well as the location of switches and shut-offs for emergency purposes.

Our inspections are conducted according to the CAHPI Standards of Practice. The inspection is visual based on the performance of the components of the home and the clues of non-performance.  It is non-invasive and not destructive. We cannot poke through walls, lift carpets or go anywhere that might cause damage or is unsafe to enter. Security systems and alarms are not tested because of privacy issues. Throughout the inspection we will summarize what has been found so far but don’t worry about information overload, most details discussed will be found in the report given to you after the inspection.

We’ll be looking at the roofing, the exterior of the home, the structure, the electrical system, the heating/air-conditioning systems as well as the interior parts of every room of the home. We’ll be turning lights on and off, running faucets, opening and closing windows and doors, flushing toilets and so on.

The roof will be the first thing we look at. After this is done, we’ll inspect the exterior of the house which includes windows, doors, porches, balconies, the grounds, garage, etc. We’ll then go inside and continue from the basement. Here we will look at the structure (where possible), the electrical system, the heating/air-conditioning systems and the plumbing.

After the basement, we will work our way up towards the attic looking at every room possible. We’ll finish the inspection by looking in the attic at the insulation and roof structure. A full recap is conducted after the inspection, and of course questions can be answered.

After the inspection, if a report is needed immediately, a first draft can be printed on-site. Keep in mind that this is just a basic report. The full complete report including illustrations, photos and plenty of added information will be e-mailed just a few short hours after the inspection. Check the Sample Report on this website. We can even arrange to e-mail your real estate agent with the report for added convenience and advice.

Any questions concerning the report, the home and its components are welcome during and of course after the inspection.